P47 D Razorback

  • Modell: SG-208
  • 1 stk. på lager
  • Produsent: SeaGull

Wingspan: 206.0 cm
Wing Area:77.4 dm²
Weight: 10.0 kg 
Length: 171.6 cm
Engine/Motor size: 50-60 cc
Servo: 9 channels 13 servos

Built-up, sheeted wood airframe is finished in flat Oracover film.
- Compatible with a variety of powerplant options, allowing the consumer tho choose Glow, Gas or Electric Power.
- Impressive scale details including recessed instruments in a molded instrument panel, side panels, floor and seat provide increased realism.
- This Razorback canopy design from the original P-47 and provides incredible, scale, warbird looks on the ground and in the air.
- Built into the fuselage is a large, magnetically-secured hatch that can be removed for quicker Lipo battery changes in electric setups.
- Full-function flaps are pre-hinged and provide scale appearance and realostic takeoffs and landings.
- Accurate scale outline makes it appealing to scale enthuslasts and includes a historical trim scheme.
- A two piece, plug-in wing aids in quick and easy assembly, convenient storage and transport to the flying field.
- Include a detailed cockpit kit, replica radial engine, fiberglass wheel doors, fiberglass cowl, metal gun barrels and removable antenna.
- Mechanical retractable landing gear included.
- Include a detailed rockets and bombs and drop tank look really scale P-47.
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