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KL200 Original TechniPlate Syntetolja 0.95L


Klotz® Original TechniPlate™ Synthetic Pre-Mix Racing Oil - 0.95L

Pure synthetic bases are blended for the perfect level of 2-stroke lubrication and performance. Klotz® Clean Burn™ technology virtually eliminates carbon and residue buildup. Extreme film strength engineered to reduce engine component wear and build horsepower.

  • Recommended for 2 and 4-stroke glow engines
  • Blends with methanol alcohol, ethanol, nitromethane, gasoline and E-85
  • Pre-mix only
  • Improves performance and increases horsepower
  • TechniPlate Peak Film Strength and Anti-Scuff protection
  • Extreme Load Carrying Capacity engineered to reduce engine wear
  • Clean Burn ™ Technology reduces carbon and residue build-up
  • Contains familiar Klotz Red for easy mixing and racy odor
  • Content: 1 quart / 0.95L