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Paolo Severin De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth 35.7% scale - Paolo


Built like the full-size with meticulous attention to detail. Steel tube fuselage with square tube longerons. High quality Epoxy-Fiberglass parts made

Paolo Severin's Super Scale Tiger Moth

For a very long time, Paolo Severin wanted to produce a super scale Tiger Moth kit with a real steel tube fuselage using square tube longerons, just as in a full-size de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth. But all the time he could not find anywhere to buy square steel tubing in the required miniature size.

Then in 2014, with the VM 120I2-4T inline, the perfect engine for a super scale Tiger Moth became available, and the urge to build a Tiger Moth for this engine became compelling. During the international trade fair "Faszination Modellbau" on November 1st 2014, I asked Paolo, during dinner, why not make square tubing using the same manufacturing process as he already uses for his streamline tubing?
After a long pause, he replied: "I'll try!"

Only three days later, Paolo proudly sent me an e-mail with a picture showing the perfect stainless steel square tubing, selfmade, with 0.25 mm wall thickness, in exactly the right dimension for the 125" Tiger Moth. It was the starting point of the joint projekt "Real Tiger".

Words are not enough to describe Paolos new masterpiece; please take a closer look at the picture galleries and watch the videos:

Videos Paolo Severin DH.82A Tiger Moth

Gallery DH.82A Tiger Moth skeleton with a Kolm IL-150V3-3

Gallery 1st Prototype I-GATO

Gallery 2nd Prototype 680-12



Scale:         1 to 2.8 (35.7%)
Wingspan:   3.19 m  (125.6")
Length:       2.59 m  (102") 
Wing area:  2.79 m2 (30 sq ft)
Weight:       approx. 20 kg (44lb)

Recommended engine:

Valach VM 120I2-4T


The Tiger Moth kit contains:

  • Stainless steel sandblasted fuselage
  • Stainless steel sandblasted strutsScale undercarriage with gas shock absorbersWheels with "DH" vac-u formed hub caps
  • Epoxy-Fiberglass** front cowl
  • Epoxy-Fiberglass** bottom cowl
  • Epoxy-Fiberglass** air intake, oil exhaust, strut fairing, fin fairing**
  • CNC cut and bent aluminium sheets
  • Scale latch for cowl hoods
  • Epoxy-Fiberglass** scale tank with scale fuel indicator**
  • Epoxy-Fiberglass scale** oil tank with scale cap
  • Scale aluminium doors with latch
  • Scale luggage compartment door with scale snap latch
  • Scale control box* with yokes and pedals
  • Scale wires, turnbuckles and fittings
  • Scale arms for aileron, elevator and rudder
  • Scale aileron, rudder and elevator hinges
  • Laminated and milled stab leading edge
  • Milled cedar spars
  • CNC cut plywood parts
  • Screws and laser cut stainless steel accessories
  • Hi-scale instruments panel
  • Crash pad and headrest
  • Scale seats
  • Scale control levers
  • Scale seat belts
  • Tubular wing tips
  • Tubular trailing edges
  • Scale struts
  • Scale pitot tube
  • Scale functional anemometer
  • Scale Venturi tubes
  • Sreamlined ready to mount rigging wires with special metal fittings (left and right hand threads)
  • Rolled color plans, 4 sheets
  • Photo building manual, 136 pages
  • Photo CD

Required for completion: glue, 10 m ProfiCover covering, paint, radio equipment and engine.

* The high quality Epoxy-Fiberglass parts are produced solely at Toni Clark practical scale GmbH in Luebbecke, Germany.

** The control box replicates the one fitted to the full-size Tiger Moth. The rudder and elevator servos are installed inside this control box. The rudder servo moves the pedals, the elevator servos also move the control sticks. There is an extra servo fitted solely moving the sticks when ailerons are applied. All the servo wires and connectors are hidden inside the control box. It is possible to remove the control box with 6 screws.

Some interesting stuff about the full-size Tiger Moth:

Galleries: full-size DH.82A Tiger Moth aircrafts at Woburn Abbey, England

Videos: surrounded by dozens of Tiger Moth at the International Moth Rally Woburn Abbey

Paolo Severin

Paolo Severin

Paolo Severin er en italiensk modelfly produsent som produserer konkuranse modeller av ypperste klasse. 

Modellene produseres på bestilling, derfor må noe bestillingstid påberegnes